• Cheffortless Team

Introducing Cheffortless!

Fresh, tasty meals, prepared by us, cooked by you. Serving Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. Using locally sourced, fresh, healthy ingredients, prepared by us and delivered to your door, for free, for you to simply cook.

We’ve taken the effort out of preparing meals. So, no prep, less washing up, less waste and packaging. Our meals are provided with clear and simple cooking steps so making it quick and simple for you to cook a tasty meal at home.

We only use local independent businesses because, like us, they are owned by the people that created them, and are therefore invested in the local economy and community. Local is more sustainable too!

A good healthy diet isn’t always as easy as it sounds due to the time pressures of modern life. We started Cheffortless to help people achieve this. A menu of balanced and delicious healthy meals to choose from. The hard work of thinking up a menu, shopping for ingredients and preparation is already done. Meals that can usually be cooked in under 20 minutes, with no preparation - three or four very simple steps.

Cheffortless is a sustainable business. Cutting down the amount of (recyclable) packaging, eliminating waste, using local suppliers and employing local people. We genuinely care about the local environment and economy as we are all a part of it!

We look forward to making your future Fresh. Tasty. Simple.

Watch this space!

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