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Cheffortless Suppliers

Based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, we believe in supporting our local economy. Wherever possible we use local, independent suppliers for all aspects of our business.

We prefer to support local independent businesses because, like us, they are owned by the people that created them, and are therefore invested in the local economy and community. They employ local people, who, in turn, invest their time and money in the local community too.

It’s more personal, they care passionately about their produce or products as they created it, grew it, reared it, and know how important it is to get it right as it has their name on it. The owners are usually directly involved in the day to day running of their business and can see first-hand how their product is being produced, packaged, delivered, ensuring that we receive the best outcome.

Local is more sustainable too. The logistics of moving supplies is greatly reduced and this cuts the amount of carbon we jointly produce. We make sure that our suppliers environmental and sustainability policies are aligned with ours.

Woodview Farm, Gamlingay - www.woodviewfarm.co.uk

AB Fruits, Bedford - www.ab-fruits.com

GCH Fishmongers, Bedford - www.gchfishmongers.co.uk

St Ives Food Company, St Ives - www.stivesfoodcompany.co.uk

Cheffortless available this summer, visit our website to find out more – www.cheffortless.co.uk

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