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Woodview Farm is owned and managed by Geoff and Lorraine Titmus with the help of their four children: Jason (butchery), Kenny (farm), Rob (shop) and Abi (café). Along with the team, they share a passion for high-quality meat and poultry, fresh produce, and simple but delicious menus.

The Woodview Farm site has been known for fresh produce since 1926 when there were 12 market gardeners and one dairy in the village. Initially established for market gardening, the site came to specialise in producing Brussels sprouts in winter and salads in summer under the stewardship of Geoff’s father, Roy. Fast forward to 1982 and the family bought fields in Littleheath which were used for cabbages, cauliflowers and leeks, and these were cropped for eight years. In 1990 they built a shack on the current site and started selling produce, before adding a house and shed in 1993. Such was the reputation for quality that they built a strong customer base, and the very first customer who visited the very first shop still buys her meat and groceries from Woodview Farm Shop today!

In 2007 the family collaborated to build what is the current farm shop and they have now grown the team to employ 17 members of staff. As well as ensuring the highest welfare standards for Woodview Farm meat, the freshest and tastiest groceries and the warmest of welcomes in the café, Geoff and the team are devoted to upholding a long tradition of market gardening and healthy eating which dates back 90 years.

Woodview Farm Shop


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