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GCH Fishmongers are family business with many years experience between them and a passion for the industry they work in.

Gary has been in the fish industry for decades working with and advising many retailers on their fresh fish offerings, the diversity and sustainability of the products on offer; and decided it was time to relinquish his as position as Company Seafood Specialist for Tesco to pursue a lifelong ambition of running his own family business.

He is very passionate about the fish industry, and affiliated to many of the bodies representing the industry – focused on sustainable sourcing, diversity and fishmongery skills – his years of experience means he has built great friendships throughout the trade in the UK and abroad with many fishermen, producers and other fishmongers.

GCH Fishmongers are proud members of the National Federation of Fishmongers, with Gary having been President of the body representing UK fishmongers from 2010 to 2013 and remaining on as a Director of the federation and more recently George has become a council member, following in the footsteps for championing great skills and great quality within the industry.

George has been involved with the fish industry since the fish were bigger than he was! He has been learning the trade since a very young age!

More recently George has been Tesco Regional Trainer for the past three years, and he has picked up several British Fish Craft Championship individual awards, before becoming the youngest ever winner of the competition – becoming The Seafish British Fish Craft Champion 2015

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