• Cheffortless Team

Cheffortless and the Environment

Cheffortless aims to be a sustainable business. We use local suppliers and employ local people to minimise our carbon footprint, recyclable packaging (that we will collect and re-use), and low emission vehicles for deliveries. We care about our local environment because we live in it!

We have taken the time to make sure every aspect of our packaging is either recyclable, compostable or reusable. Delivery is also by us, not a third party, and for free!

We’ve taken the effort out of preparing meals. No prep, less washing up and in turn less waste and packaging.

At Cheffortless we genuinely care about the local environment and economy. We are a team who live locally, and all share a passion for good food.

Visit our website to find out more - www.cheffortless.co.uk

Cheffortless coming this Summer!

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